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Everything You Need To Know About Retargeting For Your Business

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Facebook Retargeting: The Basics And Benefits


46% of search engine marketing professionals believe retargeting is the most underused online marketing technology. Is your business part of the percentage who are making the most of this marketing technology? Would you like to be?

What is Retargeting?

Retargeting is a form of online advertising that can help you keep your brand in front of any bounced traffic after they leave your website. These ads will then appear in a variety of other sites around the web, helping to keep your business in front of your bounced traffic and attempt to bring them back to your website.



So How does Retargeting Work?

Retargeting is a cookie-based technology that uses a small, unobtrusive piece of Javascript code to “follow” your audience over the internet. The code creates a list of people that visit your site by placing anonymous retargeting cookies in your browser. The cookies let your retargeting provider know when any bounced traffic visits another website. If there is available space for advertising, your retargeter provider will bid on the available space, and if they are the highest bidder, they recieve the advertisement space before the page loads. These retargeting ads are highly personalized and creates a one-to-one interaction for people who have already visited your website. 72% of online shoppers are likely to abandon their shopping carts prior to making a purchase. Without the use of retargeting technology, only 8% of those same customers returned to complete their transaction. In comparison, when retargeting is used, the percentage of customers who returned to complete their transactions increased to 26%.

How does Retargeting Help your Business?

Retargeting allows you to continue the conversation, as in, your communication with potential or current customers. The interaction does not end just because they’ve left your website. Your retargeting ads allow for custom communication to be had with your customer and personalize the interactions.Within these interactions, you can provide additional information that is relevant to the pages they visited on your website, possibly increasing your conversion rates. Your retargeting advertisements can also be used to affirm your advantage over competitors, leading to higher brand awareness as you’re front and center with your intended traffic. Retargeting can also help your business make the most of a smaller advertising budget, as these ads tend to have a lower cost-per-click when compared to other types of online search ads. If you’re able to achieve a big enough retargeting list, you can obtain a high amount of impressions through retargeting efforts, which will only grow as more people begin to visit your website.

Download a whitepaper to learn more about retargeting and how your business can benefit from it!


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