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A Day in the Life of the Michigan Creative Interns

Michigan Creative
Michigan Marketing

As many of our clients know, here at Michigan Creative we hold our standards high, while our environment remains relaxed. Our CEO Brian Town and COO Melissa Meschke have created an incredibly laid back culture, which inspires and motivates its workers. Michigan Creative trusts their staff and holds them accountable for the work they produce, while encouraging them to work accordingly at their own level of comfort. Speaking as an intern when I first started, this type of work setting was absolutely rewarding and felt like a breath of fresh air. The trust they place in each employee is highly motivating, as well as gratifying and speaks to the culture they’ve produced.

 Let’s Slide into it….

 Upon first venturing into our building, you can’t help but notice the slide on the main floor. Yes, you heard me a slide! How cool is that? I don’t know any other office that promotes this type of fun, within the context of their office. I knew from the moment I saw that slide, I was in for an adventure!

Don’t Sweat it…

 Recently on the main floor of our building, one of the offices has been renovated and turned into a gym! I actually walked past a brand new gym and thought “why not?” These are just tiny snippets of the most unique company I’ve ever had the pleasure of working for. Promoting health, especially in the office is something that not only looks awesome, but is also something I can stand behind. Who wouldn’t want that at work?

 The unique ambiance of the Michigan Creative office truly does offer its employees an amazing experience and treats every employee with an incredible amount of respect and trust. Lets go over a few perks Michigan Creative holds near and dear to their hearts:

  • Positivity: No matter what the situation is at hand, our leaders have always remained positive about the tasks we’ve been tackling. There is never a shortage of positivity at our office.


  • Encouragement: The entire is staff is extremely helpful and encourages everyone to take charge and put their best foot forward. Truly, I have never felt so inspired to go above and beyond in a work setting. Michigan Creative has allowed its employees the comfort of support and encouragement, to better themselves in all they do. Ultimately, inspiring the employees allows the company to produce wonderful work!


  • Humor: A little bit of humor goes a long way. Michigan Creative believes in the power of laughter, maintaining a workspace filled with humor adds a touch of fun in the day-to-day tasks. This is such a simple perk, but it really does benefit all of our staff, coming to work focused on the goals, while remaining full of humor. This aspect alone makes coming to work highly worth it!


  • Opportunities: Our Company generates a culture of opportunity. Brian and Melissa have lead a prosperous company and hired many employees, as well as interns. The experience is like no other, interns are able to learn and grow through Michigan Creative. I was informed prior to coming on as an intern, that most of the employees were previously interns themselves; if that’s not incentive I don’t know what is!


It goes without saying that Michigan Creative is truly a collaboration of individuality and teamwork. The culture is like no other and has proven time and time again to be warm and welcoming, while consistently getting the job done! I encourage you to visit our website, you will be glad you did!


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