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Pokémon Go is Here, and Why You Should Pay Attention

Dev MC
Business Trends

Staying in the loop and keeping up with current fads is something that seems like a no-brainer when it comes to marketing for your business. Keeping track of the latest thing can help bring more customers through the door, whether it’s in the food industry, business relations, or design. When a particular item explodes within the pop-culture scene, businesses should pay attention. Thus, the explosion of Pokémon Go should definitely be on your radar, and you should probably do something with it to help gain more customers.

In the past couple of weeks,  Pokémon Go has hit the scene by force. For those of you still not in the loop, Pokémon Go is a game that is free on anyone’s smart phone. The player must go around and walk through town to collect Pokémon. The more the player walks and travels, the more  Pokémon they are able to collect, which makes them a force to be reckoned with amongst other players. This game is based solely on going outside, walking around, and traveling while playing.

And, as a business, you should be eating up this opportunity.

Lansing Trends

It is not uncommon to go on Facebook and see a picture of a business’s flier telling players that they will receive discounts depending on the level they are on in the game. There are companies making Pokémon -themed drinks to increase the hype, as they have seen that many players have come by and are collecting Pokémon around their business. And why not invite them in and let both of you benefit from this new craze? With the 80+ degree weather we’ve been having—with humidity—kids and adults can have a nice Pokémon drink and stay hydrated while they move on to more stops within the game. They have fun bringing old friends along while making new ones, and you get more money for the business. It’s a win-win!

So why pay attention to this random game that seems to have just exploded out of nowhere? Because it brings more business to you from us Pokémon nerds. Put up a funny quip about Lansing’s current favorite game. Make a cheap food item—if you’re a food business—based off the theme to keep people coming back. (Make sure to keep track of licensing and copyright first, of course.) Welcome them with open arms. Remember, most of us are just looking for some really cool Pokemon. It’s up to you to keep us around.

Come hunt for Pokemon around Michigan Creative on Clark Street!