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    Things You Let Expire, but Shouldn’t: Gym Memberships and Videos

    Michigan Creative
    Business Video

    Everyone has that one friend who is just a tad behind. While most of the group is chatting about the rare Pokémon they found, Barbara is over there playing Flappy Bird. When everyone is settling in to watch the new season of Game of Thrones, Larry insists on DVR-ing reruns of Glee. And poor Cierra can’t understand why Taylor and Kanye are feuding again because she’s still reeling over Miley Cyrus’s shocking VMA performance in 2013.

    Videos for businesses are the same way. Everyone knows that one business with an expired video. Unfortunately for that business, it can be a serious turn off for both talent and customers. So how do you tell if you’re the Barbara of the business world? Luckily, there are 3 easy signs:


    Is your video filmed in HD? Or do the people in the video look like they are ready to begin a workout session with Richard Simmons? Is the video clear, or does it seem fuzzy?

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    Are you sitting down to watch a Ken Burns documentary or is the video short, sweet, and to the point? Is the length of the bar at the bottom of the screen longer than the Lord of the Rings trilogy, or can the business make its point in 30 seconds?


    Are the people speaking still relevant to the business? You don’t see Lindsay Lohan as the face of Disney Channel anymore, so why keep Keith in your video if he quit 4 years ago?

    At one time, your company’s video was modern in terms of people, technology, and trends. However, these things change. If your business wants to stay up to date, you should make sure your videos represent not only the current year, but also your company as it stands today. High quality, short, and accurate videos remain an excellent way to reel customers into your business. Fads fade, and so do videos. Don’t be the mullet of the business world.

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