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Optimizing Your Social Media Accounts


Let’s start off with what the word “optimize” really means before we dive into what it means for social media accounts.

From dictionary.com:



The definition I totally made up in my mind of what I think it means to optimize in terms of social media accounts:

Optimize: To standardize all social media content, including, but not limited to: graphics, links, pictures and voice. To make it as easy as possible for a customer to discover all information on a business that they may be looking for.

So between the two definitions, one can begin to understand the basics of optimization and how it can be applied to social media management. I’ve made it even easier and created a list of the top 5 things you should be optimizing on all of your social media accounts!

1. Upload the same cover photos and profile pictures on all social media platforms: These images should be the same (or close to the same) on all accounts. What this helps you do is to create a consistent brand and give customers an equal message on all accounts. It also helps customers solidify that they have found the page they were looking for.

2. Post often: By posting regularly on all accounts, you show your customer that, no matter what platform, your business will be there to communicate on a regular basis. It also provides the customer with up to date information and passes on a consistent message.

3. Standardize the “voice” of your posts: This basically means that you want to communicate in basically the same manner on all accounts for all posts*. This comes down to introducing posts in a consistent way, choosing how you will respond to complaints and comments, and, overall, how you will communicate with your customers on a day to day business. You want this message to be consistent on your social media pages, websites, and even in your store/restaurant when dealing with customers face to face. *This one can be tricky if you have more than one person managing your accounts.

4. Check all links to make sure they work: How do you expect your customers to keep looking for more information if you provide them with broken links? This will create confusion and frustration for the customer and may even result in lost business. Make sure to provide working links on on all social media sites, websites, business cards, and marketing materials to minimize customer confusion.

5. Edit your “about” section: Each of your business social media pages has an area where you can edit your “about” section. This is where you need to provide a catchy “elevator pitch” about your business; grab the customer’s attention, provide them with accurate and helpful information, and make sure to use spell check! You want to make your “about” section to make your business look fun, approachable, and intelligent; you want customers to keep coming back.

By effectively optimizing all social media accounts, you should be able to provide customers with information no matter which site they visit. Make sure to keep a consistent message as well as grab their attention.

What other tips would you suggest for optimizing social media accounts? What has worked for your business?


Until next time!