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No Such Thing As a Bad Idea




Sometimes when I blog for Michigan Creative I take a while to come up with something to write about. Some weeks I have something I’ve been thinking about that I just ramble on about, other times my brain decides to keep all of the interesting ideas to itself. Today is one of those days where I just had nothin’. I would think of one thing… And then I would immediately think, “No, Alli, that’s dumb. No one will want to read about that”, “That’s stupid”, “NO!”. So, I started daydreaming…

Right now I’m working on editing a video for Michigan Creative Video for the Michigan Inventor’s Coalition Expo. These people are so excited about their inventions, helping others bring their inventions to market, and just the entire inventing process in general. It’s so great to see people that are so excited and determined to bring jobs to Michigan and promote entrepreneurs in the state!

So, how does this relate to my blog? Well, as I was going through all of these “bad ideas” I had, I thought about this video. Thomas Reminga, one of the inventors we interviewed at the expo, invented something called the Flush-Down. His invention started with just an idea, a thought that he had one day, and turned into something great. It’s pretty similar to those toilet seats that can’t slam down, they just kind of sink, only it requires even less effort. You flush, it goes down. Simple as that. So his idea was basically that this would be something he would like to have, so why not invent and sell it to other people… and that’s exactly what he’s doing. At the end of his interview, he says, “Not all inventions are going to work, but unless you try, you’ll never know.”

Really my point is just that you never know whether or not something will work unless you actually try. Obviously inventions are a lot different than a blog, but you get the point. If you think something could work, and you like it, give it a try! Brian, and everyone else here, is always coming up with new ideas to help Michigan Creative grow. I’ve heard so many different ideas bounce around this office… Some stay just ideas, never actually leaving the office, and others take off and turn into something. Ideas are the base of everything, especially in the world of small businesses and entrepreneurs, so if you have one, give it a shot! Don’t just brush it off and push it aside because you aren’t sure if people will respond well to it.

And there’s my long ramble for the day!



Thanks to the Scilang Institute blog for the picture!