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My Staff is Amazing

Michigan Creative

I know I said this in my last post, but, I have to tell you, I have some amazing people working at Michigan Creative. I was on vacation today, but being a small business owner, that of course, never really happens. I go into work to drop off a camera to Jessica, and I can hear the buzz before I get to our office. Working at the outside desk are Abby, D, and Adam. They are updating our Live Back Yard site. They are also coming up with creative ideas and big plans for Michigan Creative. Jessica is at her desk in my office, running the ship, and knocking out MOHC videos. Jack is at my desk, helping everyone with the web site, and adding local businesses to the site. On Wednesday Rachel busted out press releases for MOHC, and her roomate Jen designed frames for our new explainer video. Brian finished the explainer video for spotlight. A lot got done.

As my wife and Hollie left, she said, “Man Bri, that is really something. In that small section there are some amazing young women and men.”

I agree. I am so excited as I see the dream of our company slowly working its way to bigger and better things, for us, and for our State.

If anyone wonders about the youth of this generation. Has questions if they can run this country. Come up to Michigan Creative, and your mind will be at ease, and you will be impressed.

It was also Beer Friday, and as the boss, I felt I had to deliver. So, I did.

Thanks everyone.