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Michigan Creative’s Five Greatest Tips for Lead Generation


In any kind of marketing, the most important objective is to generate leads. Without leads, there’s no business, and ultimately no cash flow. That’s why it’s imperative to create lead generation campaigns that are relevant and effective to generate revenue for your company. Through HubSpot, we’ve come up with some great lead generation tips that have been proven over the past 7 years to generate the leads you’re looking for (and more). 

Use the Element of Scarcity

Scarcity is a great, effective tactic to use because often, it creates fear. This, in turn, results in some sense of urgency. Limited time offers, limited quantity offers, and the two combined are great ways to make what you’re selling a high priority for a consumer. 

The Bandwagon Effect

It’s human nature to copy one another, which is why playing into the bandwagon effect is a great way to generate leads. One way to do this is to show that others are participating in the offer.

Leverage Newsjoining

When something is buzz-worthy, a high demand is automatically created. One of the ways to utilize this tactic is to take something popular and make an offer that aligns with it. This offer is automatically categorized as “hot,” and gives it more appeal.  

Focus on Creating an Amazing Title

Title is everything. Well, not everything, but it is one of the most important pieces of your offer. Consequently, if you have a title that’s lacking something eye-catching, it’s highly unlikely that offer will generate many leads. 

Create Offers for Different Buying Stages

Each customer can be categorized into different stages of the buying process as they experience their own journey. It’s important to create appeal for each stage. What might generate interest for someone in the “ready” stage might not for someone in the “early” stage of buying. It’s always a good idea to take each stage into account and create offers based on the steps your customer might be experiencing as they buy. 

If you’re interested in more details on these five great tips or the rest of our best tricks for lead generation, we have 25 more to share. 

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