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    Dog-Friendly Workplaces: Are There Benefits?

    Dog-Friendly Workplaces

    Dog-friendly workplaces are becoming more common nowadays as owners start to take their furry children with them everywhere. Studies have confirmed benefits of bringing a dog to work. I can say first hand: bringing my puppy to work makes the day a lot less stressful. 

    According to an article on Purina’s website, spending as little as 30 minutes with a dog releases oxytocin — a chemical known to reduce stress — in both the human and the animal.

    It’s easier to focus when I have her sitting by me. (That’s her in the photo.) My co-workers take breaks to hang out with her, and it lets me get out of the office every once in a while to take her out.

    I’ve seen that bringing my puppy has increased productivity, especially compared to the other places I’ve worked that were not considered to be a dog-friendly workplace.

    In a journal published by Routledge Taylor & Francis Group, it’s stated that bringing a dog to work allows non-dog owners the sense of companionship and reduced stress they would not get otherwise. 

    The smiles I see on my coworkers faces when I bring my pup with me is evidence in itself.  It proves how much better the work environment can be when there is a dog present. At Michigan Creative, we’re lucky to be a dog-friendly workplace. 

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