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“Michigan Creative”: Our own internal series

Michigan Creative

For quite a while now we’ve been wanting to showcase Michigan Creative, our staff, and what we can do in a creative, entertaining way. There are only so many different promo-type videos that you can make to get your brand out there, while also keeping viewers’ attention. So, we decided to start making an internal videos series, kind of along the lines of “The Office”.

“Michigan Creative”, our self-titled series, has been putting the spotlight on our employees, someone new in each episode, with Brian (our CEO) giving his take on them and their work. These videos are meant to be sarcastic and funny to show people that we don’t just sit at our desks and do boring work all day long; that we are more than just a company.

I’ve blogged about it before, but internal video is something that all companies should focus more on. Video companies like Michigan Creative Video often put it at the bottom of the pile, always putting client work ahead of everything else (not a bad thing!), but we also need to remember that it is important to get our own brand out there as well! It’s one thing for people to see your website and examples of your work, never actually seeing the people that make up the company, and still trust the services you can provide them, but it’s something completely different to make potential clients choose your company not only because of your work reputation, but also because of the personality of the company as a whole.

Anyways, our goal is to release a new episode every other week. We got the first four episodes out that way, but last week we were extremely busy and didn’t have time to get our episode out. However, we will be releasing Episode 5: Public Relationships tomorrow, featuring Katie Amann!

Make sure to check out the whole series on our YouTube channel:


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