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Make Them Visible, My New Favorite PSA


It has been quite a while since my last blog post, but yesterday I was truly touched by a video I watched and just had to share it with you guys! New York City Rescue Mission, a homeless shelter in New York City recently started an ad campaign titled, ‘Make Them Visible,’ with the intention of reminding people that living on the streets doesn’t make you any less of a human being. This is a problem everywhere in this country, not just New York, Michigan alone has over 80,000 homeless persons. The brilliant minds behind Make Them Visible sent some random citizens’ closest relatives to hair and makeup and placed them out on the streets, where their loved ones would soon pass by. Seeing people walk past their ‘homeless’ spouses and parents without noticing is shocking and really shows how much we ignore the homeless population as we go about our daily lives. Seeing the raw outpour of emotion after the hidden cameras reveal what had just occurred is what really gave the video conviction. Watch the video below and I will be surprised if your perception of the homeless doesn’t change dramatically in three and a half minutes! I tip my hat to the creative minds behind this and know this campaign will undoubtedly be a huge success.

Until next time!