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    Marketing Tactics Manufacturers May Be Missing

    Michigan Creative Team

    As older generations prepare to leave the workforce, and technology continues to advance, you and your business must adapt to current marketing trends. With the rise of social media and the popularity of cellphones, there are some marketing tactics manufacturers may be missing out on. People now rely on technology like Google and Facebook to do the searching for them. The days of going through the newspaper to check out the classifieds are over. It’s time to revamp and implement some new marketing tactics to help your business grow and prosper.

    Utilize Digital

    It can be tricky to reach your right talent. The digital world is out there, you just have to utilize it. Digital platforms are going to help ensure you are reaching your correct demographics. This is where you’ll need a full-proof digital strategy. Younger generations are not looking for jobs the way their parents or grandparents used too. For this reason, you should try some new tactics, like social media advertising and search engine optimization. Social media is a way to help your company develop credibility with new talent and customers. You can drive website traffic, push content out, and launch advertisements all through social media. And, for those that don’t know, content helps with SEO. As your website traffic and social media engagement increase, your company will appear in more searches and build more online credibility.

    Showcase with Video

    Another tactic that you may not have thought of is showcasing your company culture. There is a reason a majority of your employees have stayed in their position for the last 20-40 years, utilize that! Younger generations want to feel like what they are doing has a purpose. They’re asking questions like, “would I be able to grow and do well at this company?” Showing your company culture is a tactic that most don’t think about showing in their marketing strategy. And, video is a great way to do this. It’s an easy way to convey that there is a place younger talent in your organization.


    In order to turn your audience into customers, you’ll need to accompany each effort with a solid strategy. Implementing a marketing plan with a strong strategy will enable you to reach new customers and talent. You will be able to reach new target audiences and increase your brand recognition, as well as promote your services to companies who otherwise might not have known of your existence or services. After all, attracting new customers is one of the main purposes of marketing, right? It is important to remember that you want to reach the right audience to attract those new customers. Anyone can launch an ad on social media, but are you hitting your target market? Again, this is where strategy comes into play.

    Although these are all great tactics, you need a strategy behind it all. Manufacturing is our niche at Michigan Creative. Our team has spent time in over 100 manufacturing plants these last few years. Since then, we have helped many manufacturers create and implement a marketing strategy that worked for them. If you are in the field of manufacturing and skilled trades and want to recruit new talent, explore new marketing tactics, and expand your customer base, we can help you get there. Get in touch with us!