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Marketing for Talent: How To Find Qualified Employees

Marketing for Talent

Typically, as advertisers and marketers, we want to drive growth through sales. But, right now, we are faced with a dilemma because the vast majority of thriving businesses don’t need more sales. They need more reliable employees and talent to keep up with the new business they already receive. When looked at through a hiring and talent attraction lens, marketing for talent could solve your company’s hiring problem. It’s time to treat the prospective workforce in front of you as a potential customer. Here are some key tactics to look at when marketing for talent and how to find qualified employees.


The modern workforce is searching for a rewarding career, not just a job. Your company messaging needs to align with what job seekers are looking for in potential candidates. If you’re a company driven by internal promotion, you need to leverage that messaging in a strategy that will attract those who are looking for growth opportunities.

The placement of your company’s hiring efforts is also very important because if the people you want to attract aren’t aware of the opportunity, you’ll continue to miss the mark with under qualified candidates and poor hires. Paint the persona of your ideal candidate, craft a messaging strategy that will resonate with that persona, and place that message in front of that ideal job seeker in the places where they consume content.

Make an Impression

Once you have implemented a messaging strategy and you are showing up where your ideal employees hang out, it is time to make an impression.  As a business, you want to leave an impression on both potential hiring candidates and customers. How do you do this? The answer is branding.

In the digital world, your digital assets must represent who you are as a company. Your website, Google presence and social media pages could either win over or cause you to miss out on a perfect fit employee in a matter of seconds. Maybe it is because an outdated website or too many bad reviews led to second-guessing and not submitting a resume. Marketing for talent and leveraging your company culture allows you to find qualified employees. Your team and company culture can be a big selling point for your company and attracting qualified job seekers.

Companies everywhere are facing a hiring problem right now. Use this opportunity to take the surplus of new business and invest it in solidifying the future of both your company and employees. A qualified job seeker is as valuable as a new customer. The only difference is that your business can’t work with that customer until they have the right employee working for them.

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