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Creative Things Your Business Should Be Doing This Fall

Kylie Humble
Picture of the leaves during Fall

To many people, Fall equals a few key things; back to school, football, crisp air, and pumpkins! The transition from Summer into Fall should be a nice half-turn around the seasonal cycle for the changing temperatures, falling leaves, and for your business. So what should you be doing to promote your business and keep engagement high?


The one thing you will see a lot of businesses taking part in is back-to-school promotions. Whether your customer is a student, parent, grandparent, or school sports fan, your audience will pay attention to the promos you give out for the new season. Who doesn’t love a nice Promo or Discount?

The first step for this fall promotional method is figuring out what you can offer to entice this group of people while keeping it inclusive to the rest of your audience. If your business focuses on selling goods, then provide a back-to-school/Fall discount code. If you supply a service, share a free consultation in light of the fall season. Not only does this interest your target audience, but it can broaden your original horizon.

Second, with the Promos you decide to give out, provide extra resources to go with it. Allowing the two to coincide builds customer interest, enticing potential customers to look into the information you provide. Promotions like this can look like several things, whether it’s a hooking email with well-written descriptions attached or an advertisement that explains what a customer could receive and where they can go to learn more. 

Local Events

With the weather starting to change, encouraging people to provide help within the community is another excellent fall idea for businesses. There are so many local events people can volunteer at or attend. Try providing a list of events like donations or markets in the area. Share how your company chooses to give back. It’s a great way to gain interest, support, and engagement by giving back to the community. 

Not only are there volunteering opportunities to share but also local activities! Promoting fall festivals or Halloween activities can help your business transition with the season. Share the best places to pick apples or where to get some unique costumes! As customer interest begins to shift, so should your marketing tactics.

Adjust Your Socials to the Season

Try asking yourself, What does Autumn mean to me, and what does Autumn look like to others? Usually, people relate Fall to specific colors or themes. Maybe even a few pumpkins or apples come to mind. Using the ideas of what Fall represents, try creating social media posts that accurately mirror the season. Not only will this allow for a temporary new look, but it will also increase your engagement online. Take your current brand standards and (pumpkin) spice it up.

People love and hate the idea of change, but when it comes to a new start, people become hopeful. The idea of Fall resembles a restart button, much like the New Year. It has much to do with change. Every year we experience the beginning of a new school year, the colors around us changing, and even a change in our lifestyles as we begin to turn the heat on and layer up. With fun and exciting things to look forward to, people tune into ideas that coincide with their new start. That’s why you want to be the thing that matches their energy. 

Below, you’ll find a list of design choices to get into the Fall style!
Colors to Try on Socials:
  • Brown
  • Red 
  • Orange
  • Yellow
Icons to Try on Socials:
  • Pumpkins
  • Apples
  • Football
  • Backpacks
  • Halloween Themed
  • Nature/Fall Colored Leaves

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