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Tips for Creating Quality Video at Home


If you’re stuck at home, which most of us are, you might be looking for new ways to fill your time. Whether you’re waiting for your next work placement or just wanting to try something new while you’re working from home, making your own videos is super doable. We wanted to share with you some tips for creating quality video at home.

Tip #1

With a background, less is more. You don’t want a completely blank wall behind you, but you also don’t want every jacket you’ve ever owned, every family photo, dinner plate, and dog toy in the background either. Choose a background that has minimal items, like one (1) plant, one photo, and just keep it simple.

Tip #2

As we learned in The Princess Diaries, princesses do not “schlump,” and neither should you. Unleash your inner princess in your videos by sitting in a chair that helps you to sit up straight. Couches are comfortable, and for some of us, they have become a place for work, meals, napping, and television. But sadly, they don’t always encourage the best posture for video. Try sitting in a dining room chair or even a folding chair will work. Sit up straight toward the edge of the chair, and channel your inner princess of Genovia.

Tip #3

Have a topic in mind! Try to have a little list of points to hit in your video that you know you want to address, and list them in a way that flows together. It’s sometimes easier to remember your notes in the order you write them.

Tip #4

Film in landscape mode. Filming videos in portrait mode on your phone never goes well when editing them together and trying to make them look nice. Prop your phone up on its side, and it will fill the entire frame when you go to post your videos to social media later.

Tip #5

Try to film in a quiet environment. This one may be difficult if you have kids at home, but try to find a quiet room that you can film in for 10-15 minutes. It just makes it easier for your audience to hear what you’re saying overall and makes for a better video.

We hope this helps you get started filming your own videos at home. Keep your videos simple, between 60 and 90 seconds, and just have fun with them! A positive of all of this is being able to slow down a bit allows you to experiment with different things and figure out your creative groove. We love helping people make their own content, and now is the time to try something new. Get in touch with us if you’d like some help or to learn more.