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Brand Awareness: How to Build It


As a business owner, the dream is to have loyal customers walking around town, telling people about how instrumental your company or product is for them. Word-of-mouth marketing is invaluable, but you don’t get there without putting in the work. This means staying in front of and holding the attention of your target audiences, moving potential customers further down the sales pipeline, and converting those people into actual customers. To effectively do this, you need to start with a strategy that builds up awareness around your brand because people can’t talk about what they don’t know. The more time they spend with your brand, the more they understand how you can help and the more susceptible they will be to becoming a loyal customer. So, how do you build brand awareness around your business?


When potential customers explore what your company has to offer, you want the interaction to be as smooth as possible. Online this is called a digital experience. When your business is focusing on refining experiences, it can better cater to the needs of its audience. Make sure your website is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Provide your audience with valuable and engaging information. Also, use your website metrics and data, like bounce rate and session duration, to optimize your user experience. Your goal is to help your audience learn and engage with your brand. Start by showing them how helpful you can be in making it easier for them to find the answer they’re looking for by giving them the information they want.

Audience Connection

Your audience can gather a lot of the information they need, but things like your brand voice, identity, and culture may be a unique selling point for you to share. There are plenty of channels to interact with and show your audience these brand assets. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn allow you to keep an open line of communication with the people you’re trying to reach. If they have questions, they can ask you directly and receive a quick response. You can learn from those who may not be very happy, and if they are happy, the customer can easily share your brand with their friends and family. Audience connection encourages an effective communication network that can keep growing the more you maintain it.

Information Expert

In order to effectively connect with and help your audience, you need to become the expert solution for your customers. When you have the information your audience needs, you become a trusted point of contact in the matter. Help them locate the answers they need. Offer insight into your role as the solution for your customer. You can also get ahead of your competition by becoming the information database in your industry.

The truth is it can be hard to grow brand awareness. Whether you’ve been around for 20 years or are new to your industry, every brand or company out there can benefit from brand awareness. If you’re doing well now without it, think of what your business could be with proper awareness and recognition around your brand. From social media management, web development, and marketing strategy to PR and SEO, our marketing team of professionals can get you in front of the audience you need and help build your customer loyalty.

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