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Boosting Creativity

Boosting Creativity

We understand that not everyone wakes up feeling creative. But, we also know that creativity can be boosted or sparked. As a team of highly creative people, we often dedicate time to inventing new concepts, so we thought it might be helpful to tell you how our team boosts innovation throughout the day. From spending time outdoors to doing things we’re passionate about, we encourage you to try a few of these things to help get your ideas flowing. 

Cassidy Oonk, Director of Operations

I have multiple ways to boost creativity. I feel like I am the most creative and have a clear mind when I’m alone at a coffee shop or doing something like hiking or going for a walk. Reserving time for myself allows me to think about my goals and be alone with my thoughts, which also helps me discover more about myself. I also feel super inspired when traveling or going to see live music. Doing things that make you feel happy and alive just naturally puts you on the path to growth!

I also try to color for fun on my iPad or paint! If I’m feeling uninspired, I follow a tutorial or take a class online – sometimes it’s hard to look at a blank page and come up with something, but that’s a good time to learn new techniques.

Lastly, I try to surround myself with people who inspire me, which is huge! When you surround yourself with people who go after their goals, work hard, and do creative things, it can be very motivating. Certain people bring out different aspects of your personality, and having good people in your circle that bring out your creativity is special. Even in your personal life, if you don’t live near people that inspire you, following creators on social media can give you a similar effect!

Teddy Jewell, Communications Specialist 

I usually spend some free time putting my thoughts into poetry or prose, but I try to be creative in different ways too. I doodle and paint and sometimes come up with comedy sketches and script ideas while I’m in public and stuck in my head. An awkward environment is the perfect inspiration for a story. I also like to pretend that I’m good at making music. I’m all about embracing the beginner level of doing something and working my way up, laughing at myself along the way.

The inspiration for these outlets comes from my surroundings and experiences, worries, likes and dislikes, and probably a little chaotic daydreaming. To me, “What if” is a great starting point for anything creative. Art helps me realize and release the emotions of the day. It allows me to listen to who I am, find the feelings that inspire me, and become aware of what can form from them. Nature is an awesome place to explore and create, but if you’re like me, you might not realize you left your pen in the apartment until you’re already deep into the woods. That said, my favorite place to be is by a fireplace, writing some words, and listening to music (not whatever it is that I make in Logic Pro).

John Crafts, CTO/CIO

One of the ways I like to stay inspired and creative is by following different social media accounts that pertain to web design/development, tech, digital art, etc. So often do I see things online that spark an idea (or several) that I incorporate into work or just my own weird digital art projects that I work on occasionally at home.

I like to process creative ideas by doing menial jobs around the house or yard too. It gives me ample time to process my thoughts while being productive doing a task that doesn’t take much mental capacity to perform. I usually pop in some AirPods and mow the lawn, shovel the driveway, or do the dishes. It’s really a win-win.

Evan Korte, Video Production

I also jump on the nature train. Getting outdoors in any fashion is key for me, whether it’s a hiking trip, camping, jogging, or just going for a walk in the woods.

One thing to keep my brain moving and thinking is golf. It’s a constant problem-solving battle, and it all comes down to how you perform. How do I get from here to there most effectively while maneuvering the obstacles in my way? It’s also been a great tool to control my emotions and thoughts. At the end of the round, the only reason the score is the way it is is because of me and how I performed, and if I get frustrated or angry, the score typically reflects that. So it’s been a helpful way for me to fully understand how to control my different emotions and how my body reacts to them.

Julia Wixson, Project Manager

Well, they do say great minds think alike. Like my coworkers, spending time in nature is something I love doing outside of work. I try to walk my pups (Zeplin and Sister) at least once a day and go for a hike or camping on the weekends. I also really enjoy gardening and tending to my plants. There are so many, sometimes it can feel like a full-time job ;). Being outside and doing these activities gives me some solo time to reflect, collect my thoughts and do some problem-solving. The best solutions are in the woods!

Haley Haas, Digital Advertising Strategist

I feel most productive when I’m up early and catching a workout (proud sponsor of the 5 a.m. Power Hour). Being up early and working out jumpstarts my day, and I’m always the most creative in the mornings. I try to find time to read every day to keep my mind stimulated and sharp. I pull most of my creativity from nature – whether I’m just looking at it or, preferably, being in it.

Jennifer Putmon, Creative Director

I put on my headphones and clean the house, yard or office. Headphones give me a sense of focus and concentration. Mindless busy work keeps me active as I mull over the creative problem. Other times I strum my guitar and stare at nothing as I work out the solution in my head. If a good idea sparks, I write it down. Sometimes that turns into a song lyric, sometimes just an idea for some “future project”. Usually, ideas are accompanied by sketches and directional lists. As a mom, I’m conditioned to noise and distractions, so outside or inside, it doesn’t matter. I get lost in my thoughts and drown out all the nonsense to get to the root of the solution. It’s like a zen state of mind. Wine helps get there at times too!

Tyler Mehigh, Digital Advertising Specialist 

I get inspired by being outdoors as much as possible. When I need time away or time to gather my thoughts to refresh and recharge, I typically try to go on a walk with Breslin, take the boat out on the river, go hunting or fishing, and enjoy the solitude and relaxation nature brings. The more remote I can get or the farther away from people I can be, typically increases the value I get. When I was living in Colorado, I would routinely drive 3+ hours into the mountains with no cell reception, pitch a tent with my dog (Bres) and spend time just enjoying nature and all of its beauty.

Desi Slaughter, Web Developer

When it’s not freezing outside, I like to take long walks with my dog, lounge on my balcony, even hit a light trail. Lately, I’ve been a homebody, enjoying things like cooking, reading, journaling, binge-watching shows, and hanging with my dog (Bandit) when not working. Occasionally, I enjoy getting out and having fun with friends creating new memories doing things like going to a bar, billiards, or bowling.

Some other things I enjoy doing to flex my creative muscle include: 

  • Playing the Sims 4 (need to get a new gaming computer)
  • Creating journals and planners for my shop 
  • Coloring or journaling in my bullet journal
  • Starting a live-streaming journey as a digital creator 
  • Adding more social events and experiences to my calendar that I enjoy, helping me create content for my blogs and socials 
Courtney Vinson, Project Manager

Working out usually puts me in a better headspace and kind of clears my mind. When I’m not in an exercise mood, I’ll throw on some music and paint a little. Music and painting usually help me relax and get the creative juices flowing!

Alana Lemke, Graphic Designer

When I have extra time on my hands, which is a rare occurrence as a mom, I love to paint, batik, and get crafty with just about any medium. But, I appreciate the creativity found in everyday life as well. I love to listen to music and let my mind wander, dance with my daughter in the kitchen, solve problems for my kids and help them do creative things like creating a Halloween costume or Valentine’s Day box for school. I also like to remodel, decorate and landscape my home. The feeling that comes from fresh ideas and inspiration is my favorite.

Lucy Vanregenmorter, Communications Specialist 

Going for walks with a good podcast, painting, and thrifting are great ways I find inspiration. I especially like thrifting because I always find something interesting to turn into a project. I also make an effort to journal every day, which helps me clear my head and put any creative ideas I’m developing onto paper.

Annie Serbinski, Chief of Staff

I spend quality time with myself! If I don’t find time for self-care, I cannot be creative. I value my downtime and indulge in my favorite things like nature, yoga/meditation, reading a good novel, or just sitting with a good cup of coffee. I feel like I have my best ideas and inspiration when I have the time and space to be in my own space. If I’m ever stuck on a problem, I start with quiet time and breathwork, then focus on that issue until I come up with a creative solution.

Brain Town, CEO

I love to read every day. I also like to take photos for fun and spend time painting with my daughter. They may seem simple, but it’s what works for me.

Alicia Frank, Marketing Director

I prefer to start my morning off right, which means spending time journaling while drinking my coffee. After that, I take at least 30 minutes to get in a workout. Journaling and exercise are two things I can do every day to clear my mind and start my day off on a positive note. If you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend it. Also, playing with the pups (Oscar and Cooper) or spending time with family always helps!

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