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A Key Strategy To Strengthen Your Marketing Plan

Social Media Micro-Influencers

Your secret marketing weapons may be closer than you think. You may pass them every day, and you might even know one personally. Micro-influencers have extraordinary marketing power, and although it’s not a Michigan Creative service that we provide, we still feel like you should keep this tool in your back pocket. They market through their branded content creation within a specific niche. Here are four ways micro-influencers strengthen your marketing plan.

Get the Right Eyes on Your Content

Micro-influencers have a smaller audience. Why? They don’t post on social media to gain mass appeal but rather provide value for a common-interest group. They focus less on gaining followers and more on building community and conversation within their niche. For you as a marketer, this is great news because your main goal should be to target a specific demographic.

Real and Reliable Audiences

Your business needs to trust the micro-influencers you hire or represent, but it’s equally important that their followers do too. Luckily, many micro-influencers either know their followers in real life or through their social media communities. In both scenarios, the audience takes a genuine interest in the micro-influencer’s content because they have built up a sense of trust between them.


Many traditional influencers can charge thousands per branded post. However, followers mean nothing if they are not potential customers of your brand (or if they’re not even real people). Don’t break the bank when micro-influencers can provide a better value for half the price.  


Since micro-influencers are typically members of your niche, they are more likely to take an interest in your brand beyond an Instagram post. Does their friend need recommendations for a skincare product? Restaurant? Local Boutique? Your brand gains word-of-mouth traffic since they prefer you themselves, paving the way for future collaborations and introducing you to other connections inside your niche.

Sounds great, right!? But how do you find a micro-influencer? Start by finding your specific niche and then checking hashtags around that theme. You can contact the first accounts that come up, but to find the best fit, try looking for users that align with your core values as a company, and check out how their audience engages with their profile. DM or email them explaining why you want to work with them specifically (Usually for their content, engagement, and social media presence). A well-thought-out message will separate you from automated spam accounts. Engage actively with their content, and don’t hesitate to follow up if you don’t get a response within a few weeks. This process can be lengthy, but the perfect fit for your company is worth the wait.

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