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Benefits of Managing Social Media for your Business Yourself


Wait, but don’t you sell social media management services? Yes, in fact we do, and that can be effective too. That being said, the best way to get the most out of your social media is to manage it yourself or internally within the company.

Of course businesses like Michigan Creative can effectively manage your social media. We can help you get reach, we can interact with your customers, and we can find great content for you. But do you know what we can’t provide? The knowledge that you have about your business!

It’s difficult for a company likes ours to keep up with specials, discounts, new products, special hours, etc, because we simply are not there all the time! You (or people within your company) know exactly when you get new products. You know when you have happy customers. You know when you have to unexpectedly close early for the day. It’s easiest and most effective to post about those things yourself instead of forwarding them to us, us formatting the post, and then us posting it. By that time, you could have already gained traction and traffic on your posts that you now have missed out on.

Although we are close to your company and know your products and services well, we may not accurately reflect the voice of your company. You know your customers the best and you are the one who can deliver the messages in the most effective way! Of course a company can learn this over time, but it’s great for businesses to express their own messages as well.

Even if you do have a company helping you, you can help fill in the gaps. Post a photo of some happy customers, talk about a new product that just came in or even write a special note from the owner thanking all of it’s current and past clients.

I know that as a business owner, you barely have time to sleep at night, let alone manage four or five social media sites, so it’s okay to ask for help. Make sure it’s someone who knows your business well and that you trust. This can be an employee or a marketing company. And even if someone else is managing it most of the time, it doesn’t mean you can’t chip in too!

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All of this may seem very overwhelming, but have no fear, Michigan Creative is here to help! We offer two different levels of social media training as well as social media management tailored to your business. Shoot me an email at melissa@michigancreative.org for more information.