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    Being a Visual Storyteller

    Michigan Creative

    Getting a message across to people is usually performed by verbally speaking or in written format. As the world changes, however, we must also evolve as learners. Since everything is communicated in a fast-pace manner on social media, it’s time to begin using your visual skills to help get your message across to your audience. A perfect example is Facebook.

    Facebook shows tons of photos that users upload themselves. When viewers see them, ideas of what happened and how much enjoyment they had are created. Thus, a story is being told from the photos themselves! Although you may or may not want to show your company doing the same things that college students post about on Facebook, visual storytelling can still be used in an effective way for your business.

    I found a couple of tips could improve your storytelling power, as well as boost your ability to communicate to your clients. These tools will get your social media pages the attention they deserve.

    Tip 1: The Snappy Lifestyle

    As a marketer, visuals of how your product can be used should be present on your social media pages. Not only do consumers want to see how the product can fit into their life, but for it to be shown quickly!

    How To:

    -Provide simplistic photos that show how to use it, cook it, etc. Give them ideas on what to do with your product.

    -Add some color and creativity to your snapshot!

    -Fewer words=A quicker message

    -Use Videos! It’s your third eye after all, and the world loves to see what you can entertain them with.

    Tip 2: I Am NOT The World

    Not everyone on earth will like your brand. For those that do, you want to make sure that their voices are heard, desires are met and egos are groomed. In other words: mainly focus on your niche spectators.

    How To:

    -Know your audience. You want to display what they like, which means knowing what they want.

    -Figure out what social media websites your target audience is on the most. Just because Facebook exists, doesn’t mean that most of your watchers use it themselves.

    -Create photographic and video scenarios that fit who they are. Be as creative as possible, but remember to include a story that relates to them. You wouldn’t show a 17 year old how to invest in a mortgage, would you?

    Hopefully, the tips mentioned above will assist you with the magic of visual storytelling.  So be creative, connect and enjoy the stories you create.

    -Lauren Nelson