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5 Fun Facts About French Fries

Dev MC
French Fries

Honestly, National French Fry Day needs more attention.

French Fries are amazing, and with how many types there are, I just had to make an article to celebrate their awesomeness! To commemorate National French Fry Day, I’m going to share with you some fun facts about French Fries so you can wow all of your friends with your extensive knowledge! Sound like fun? Here we go!

French Fries are NOT French!
Yeah, I know, this one isn’t really a huge secret anymore. French Fries actually originated from Belgium. But what you may not know is the word “french” is synonymous with “frites,” which means to “cut lengthwise” in old English. And, as we all know, they are fried potatoes. Thus the name “French Fry.”

France May Have Thought that Eating Potatoes Caused Diseases
That’s right! In fact, they initially used it for hog feed because they didn’t trust it enough to eat themselves. It wasn’t until a prisoner from Prussia ate potatoes and came back to France, telling everyone that potatoes are good to eat, that France started changing their tune. At least, that’s how the story goes.

Grand Rapids’ HopCat Crack Fries is one of the Top 10 Fries in the US
Why yes, we are on Food Network’s list! These fries are battered in light beer and sprinkled with black pepper before adding any toppings you desire. Can we say road trip? I gotta try these out for myself!

McDonald’s French Fries Used to be Only 10¢!
Can you imagine going to McD’s and getting a meal with 10¢ fries? Yes, please, I’ll take 50!

Japan Had Chocolate-Drizzled French Fries in Their McDonald’s
I may need to be booking a flight to Japan if these are still around! These chocolate-drizzled French Fries were offered for a limited time in 2016 before they returned in 2017. They also had introduced a chocolate and pumpkin spice flavor as well, but personally, I’ll just take the chocolate, thanks.

There you have it: 5 Fun Facts about French Fries that you can brag to your friends about knowing! Do you have any to add that didn’t make it into the list? Also: What is your favorite place to get French Fries? Leave your answers in the comments. We want to know everything!