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5 Fun Events to do in Lansing This Summer

Dev MC
Fun Events to do in Lansing This Summer

One of the best things about living in Lansing: The summer events! During the summer, there are so many cool festivals, concerts, and conventions to choose from when you need something fun to do. With so many options, you may be wondering which ones are worth the trip. Here is a list of my favorite events coming up in Lansing!

1.  ScrapFest X — July 13th-14th

This one is seriously cool! Local sculptors have taken their scraps and made them into these amazing masterpieces! Located in Old Town in Lansing, it’s a day filled with gorgeous sculptures, food, and music playing throughout the day. Bring your friends and family and have a day full of fun and meeting new people! Learn more about this awesome event and why you should go!

2.   The Office Trivia at The Claddagh Irish Pub — July 26th

Do you think you know The Office? Put that to the test! The Claddagh Irish Pub loves hosting trivia nights, and on the 26th they are focusing on the comedy show that aired from March 24, 2005, to May 16, 2013! (If that’s one of the questions: You’re welcome.) Come on in and test your knowledge while having amazing food and drinks! Set-up a reservation today, as these tend to get packed super quickly!

3.   Get Geek’d Entertainment Expo Lansing Comic-Con — July 28th-29th

For those of us who love all things nerdy and want a day to have fun and dress up as their comic idols, this event is perfect! Located on Michigan Ave, get ready to meet some cool new people, including some awesome celebrities! (The cast from Oz The Great and Powerful, anyone?) Find out more about this fun event, and get ready to geek out!

4.   Lansing JazzFest — August 3rd-4th

Looking for a great event with amazing music, fabulous drinks, delicious food, and places for the kids to hang out as well? This event is great for anyone who wants to be at a fun Jazz festival! Head on over to Old Town and listen to the beautiful music playing from the different stages. Learn more to get ready to join the fun.

5.   Artfeast — August 18th

Want more opportunities to see art and eat delicious food? Thankfully, Lansing has no shortage of that! Welcoming artists and food trucks from across the state, Artfeast is great if you want to see some unique art pieces while trying out different styles of food! Learn more about everything that will be there.

And there you have it: 5 of my favorite things to do in Lansing this summer! Have any other events you are excited to attend this year? Let us know in the comments, we love the ideas!