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X Theme’s New Layout Builder

John Crafts

Exciting news! Theme.co is launching some new changes to come for web developers with X Theme. In their June 2020 status report, they briefly teased the new Layout Builder and some of the new features to come for developers. The new features are described as taking things to the next level. They will allow developers the flexibility to format blog posts, blog listings, and archive pages, however, they see fit. Typically, this process would be done with custom page layouts and lots of code. So, this new feature will make it easier to implement and faster to deploy. Not to mention, it will save time.

According to Theme.co, the new layout builder will allow you to do to your index pages, blog pages, blog posts, and archive pages what you can currently do with their page builder. Developers will now have full control over blog layouts, posts, and index pages. It will also offer new powerful dynamic elements, new post elements, and new post grid elements. A release date has not yet been set for when these new features will be available, but we are keeping a close eye on it at Michigan Creative.

For updates and sneak peeks throughout the next month, check out Theme.co’s Facebook, or Twitter. Our team makes it a priority to stay up to date with trends and happenings. We do this so we can offer our clients the latest and most innovative solutions. Also, our team never passes up the chance to work more efficiently and creatively. Our entire team is pretty excited to be able to share these new features with our clients. Stay tuned for more on when this feature rolls out.