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Why Video Is Your Company’s Secret Branding Weapon

Video Production for Branding

Video content is easily one of the most exciting digital marketing mediums for businesses of all sizes
today, and for good reason. After all, Youtube alone has over a billion users, 85% of Internet users in the
The U.S. watch videos online, and a third of all activity online is spent watching video. And several studies
have found that marketers using video were able to grow their revenue at a rate that’s 49 percent faster
than non-video users.

The reason is simple. Video is more engaging, easier to remember, and lends itself to a fun and more
interesting content experience. It offers the next best thing to seeing something in the flesh, which
makes it a powerful medium with tremendous potential for branding.
There are countless ways to use video to strengthen your brand, but here are a few examples that you
can start working on today.

Product Showcases

One of the best things you can do to make your videos engaging while still being relevant to your
business is to show how your products work and how it improves people’s lives. Video helps people
visualize how your product could affect their everyday lives, whether it’s something they might wear
(e.g. fashion and apparel), something they might use in the kitchen (e.g. home and living products), or
something that can make tedious tasks easier (e.g. software).
Apple is a master in this regard, using stunning videos, like this introduction to the new MacBook Air, to
explain how their products work and what they can do.

Product Tutorials

Product tutorials are another fantastic way to show off your products. They’re also the second most
effective type of video content (next only to customer testimonials). They’re also ubiquitous—in fact,
you’ve probably seen a video tutorial on YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram and didn’t realize it was
actually one.

Take BuzzFeed’s popular series of cooking videos on Tasty, or workout videos on YouTube channels like
Athlean X. These are basically tutorials that don’t feel like instructional materials because of how fun
and interesting they are.

Customer Testimonials

Like any other form of endorsement from your customers, video testimonials leverage the power of
social influence; the marketing tactic of allaying customer fears and concerns. If you have customers who
are always happy with your products and services or even industry leaders who believe in your vision
and goals, their glowing praise can make an excellent addition to your branding strategy. In fact, nearly
70 percent of online consumers check out product reviews before making a purchase.

The Best Branding Videos Begin with Great Video Production

While the accessibility of tools and apps has made video production easier than ever, it has also led to a
saturation of video content on the Internet. Some videos make an impression, but the vast majority are
forgettable. What your brand needs is quality video production services—the kind that doesn’t just
revolve around taking beautiful footage, but also focuses on telling your brand’s story.

At Michigan Creative, storytelling using the powerful format of video is what we do best. Contact
Michigan Creative and talk to one of our video product experts to discuss your video strategy today.