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Why Video and Social Media Go Hand in Hand

Michigan Creative

We all know that social media is a key component to the success of any business, driving increased traffic to your website, generating leads, improving your search ranking, and much more. We have also seen, especially recently, that video is another key factor in this area. Videos engage potential clients, more so than text alone, because they are (or at least should be) much more entertaining. Video also helps keep people on your website longer and increases the likelihood that they will buy your product, request your services, etc.

Now the question is: How do social media and video go together, and why is it important to use them both?
The answer: They both present great opportunities for success, but in order to take full advantage of these opportunities you need to play the strengths of both to the other.

Think about it, how are potential clients going to see your videos if you don’t advertise them? You have a ton of followers on Twitter and LinkedIn, likes on Facebook, subscribers on YouTube – take advantage of this! These groups of people are more than likely going to lose interest in you if you are not posting on your social media outlets, but if you are posting good, engaging content (like videos!) frequently, you can expect to see more traffic on your website. Using a video to grab their interest in the (approximately) 10 seconds you have to do so can increase their interest in your brand, causing them to not only spend more time looking at your other posts but also remember your product or service.

Facebook is taking steps to provide data to marketers about “how their content is performing”, because they “understand the value that video can have for a brand”. This blog from ReelSEO states that there are now “twice as many users now watch videos on Facebook compared to just six months ago”, a statistic that should be enough in itself to show you why you should be posting video on your social media!

This blog post from SocialMediaToday is also a very good source for “Why Posting Videos on Social Media is Such a Great Business Strategy” (great title, huh?!). For example, “today’s social media users are more “visual”-minded than ever” and “videos are just another means of “word of mouth” advertising”.

If you’re already getting the most out of your social media, take it to the next level by adding video! Or if you are already producing great video content, put it out there with social media! If you’re already doing both of these things then, well, you’re on the road to success!

~ Alli

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