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Why Skilled Trades Need A Marketing Strategy

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There are endless amounts of great jobs available in the skilled trades industry. The problem most companies are having is reaching their talent. The industry is advancing and your marketing efforts should be too. Whether you’re trying to get the attention of wholesalers, distributors, retailers or all three, every business owner working in a skilled trade needs a marketing strategy. It’s no longer about just having the best quality product on the market. It’s about tailoring and innovating your efforts to reach the right audience or market. By utilizing these efforts, you are opening up the potential to set yourself apart from the competition and help build a trusted reputation with new and existing customers.

B2B marketing is the exact opposite of consumer marketing. The main difference here is, those who are B2B buying are not impulse buying like consumers. In B2B buying, the decision process can sometimes be much longer. The purchase is being made for a company, not an individual. It has to be thought through, reviewed, researched, reviewed again, and approved. Most are not looking to be sold too. They are looking for the best. The most efficient and expert brands they can trust. So, how do you build that trust? One word: Marketing. 


Target the industrial buying process with a complete marketing plan. Provide your customers with the sources they need to make this informed decision throughout the entire buying process. Have a user-friendly website, provide valuable content on that website, share it out on social, and back up those initiatives with email marketing and advertisements. Depending on what your audience is looking for, tailor your initiatives to that. Setting up a quick website and social media pages that are accompanied by a few ads here and there isn’t going to cut it in this day and age. There is a need in every skilled trade industry for a strategic plan of action implemented with a creative touch that actually delivers ROI. Still think an AM radio ad is a good idea to talk about all the great jobs there are in the trades? That’s where Michigan Creative comes in. 

Now more than ever, business owners in the skilled trades need a marketing strategy. The Michigan Creative team listens and takes the time to learn what drives your business. The creative team will create a strategic plan to implement that will help your business progress and grow.  Along with creating and implementing a customized strategy, Michigan Creative will work with you to recruit and retain the right employees fit for your company. There’s really no limit to what we can do for your business. Learn more about what we can do for you or schedule a free consult with us today.