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Why Do You Need a Video on Your Facebook Page?

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Why Do You Need a Video on Your Facebook Page?

Did you know that adding catchy video content on your Facebook page can actually boost your business? Here’s why you need to add videos to your Facebook page.

  1. Organic reach, which is hard to come by nowadays, has been found to be 135% bigger in video posts than in photos, making Facebook videos a critical marketing tool.
  1. While most marketers still prefer YouTube, in which a continuous stream of uploads amount to roughly 300 hours of video per minute, Facebook videos prove to be another effective marketing alternative for business promotion. An estimated 8 billion Facebook videos or an astounding 100 million hours are viewed on a daily basis, giving you tremendous leverage to gain quick access to a massive audience on a global scale.
  1. By native or direct uploading of a video to Facebook instead of sharing it via a link to YouTube, it’s a whole lot easier to catch the attention of viewers. The performance of these native videos has been found to be four times more effective than its counterparts in other formats. This is most likely because of Facebook’s autoplay feature, wherein a video post automatically starts playing as it enters midscreen.

Now it’s only a matter of creativity in making a video interesting or intriguing enough to grab the viewers’ attention in the first crucial seconds, and keep them from scrolling past and down to other news feed waiting in line.

  1. With a Facebook video, you can easily measure and monitor the exact number of views and an estimate of how long it was viewed before viewers scrolled down, plus how many people actually finished watching the video. This very specific data can give you a more accurate idea of what type of content your target audience prefers or looks for in a video. In other words, it’s almost like conducting a subtle survey on what people take interest in and what they don’t.

Results can be easily analyzed and future videos can be optimized through Facebook Insights, which allows you to gauge and scale the effectiveness of your video marketing strategy. More than that, an interesting enough video has the potential to drive traffic to your Facebook page and website, increasing the chances of earning more subscribers and potential clients.

  1. By featuring a share-worthy video, your Facebook page ‘s popularity can dramatically increase. This is made more effective by uploading the video to your About section, making sure to make its thumbnail bigger than those of other videos on your page. Facebook also happens to have a CTA or call-to-action feature, which has “Watch More,” “Learn More,” “Shop Now,” or “Book Now” choices to make your product or service easier to access.

In a nutshell, creating video content and adding them to your Facebook page dramatically contributes to your otherwise dull marketing strategy, thus making it a wise investment to leverage and boost your business. To make your life easier, you can simply hire a reputable marketing company to assist you in your video marketing schemes, from video creation and to uploading, monitoring and optimizing content so you can keep repeat clients interested and gain new ones.

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