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Where is Technology Heading?

Michigan Creative

We all know that technology has come a long way since our grandparents were our age, since our parents were our age, or even when we were younger ourselves. I know I can remember things like, “Get off the computer, I need to use the phone!”, using *69 to call back a number to see who it was, listening to the Backstreet Boys on my HitClips and storing my school projects on floppy discs.

Now, if you ask a little kid about any of these things, you can usually expect an answer along the lines of, “Is that on my iPad?” This video shows how far technology has come, just based on the reactions of these kids to “old” technology that their dad shows them!

Some people say it makes them feel old when their kids have no idea what these technological gadgets are, but I think it just shows how far we’ve come and that we have the potential to continue to take technology even further!

I saw a cool article the other day that showed a whole bunch of different gadgets you used to be able buy, like video cameras, calculators and answering machines, all of which you can now do on your smartphone! It’s really cool to think about how advanced these things were then, how advanced smartphones are that now include all of those things and what kinds of potential gadgets the future hold that can do even more than a smartphone (hard to imagine, right?!). This video from CNN is really interesting, showing how Barcelona is embracing “the internet of everything”.

Technology is an amazing thing and it will continue to change and improve as long as people are working towards that goal. As Wim said in the video, “only 1% of what can be connected, is connected today”. Think about it… How much can your smartphone do? Your tablet? Your laptop? What more could you possibly imagine that it could do, that it doesn’t already?

~ Alli

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