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    What to do When it’s Cold Outside – A Guide to Michigan Winter’s

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    With the oddity of Michigan’s weather these passed few weeks. It may be a question whether to put the winter garb away or keep rocking it in full swing. Outdoor activities may be a second thought due to recent weather but that shouldn’t be a deterrent from getting out there! Michigan has so much to offer even in these seemingly dreary months. Whether it be traveling or sticking around the hometown, there is always fun to be had! Keep on reading to see a few possible ways to spend this winter!

    Take a Trip

    Change is something that everyone needs, to keep the monotony of life at bey. A trip is a great way to get out of the house and to enjoy those hobbies that we all love so much. Living in Michigan we are lucky to have so many destinations within reach.

    For those seeking adventure and excitement, a trip the Upper Peninsula may be the perfect option. The Upper Peninsula offers so much to the outdoor enthusiast. From Snowshoeing some of the most scenic national parks in the state, to tackling the challenging slopes of Michigan’s Ski Resort’s. The Upper Peninsula is an incredibly isolated section of Michigan and those seeking nature’s serenity will find solace across the mighty mack.

    For those looking for more entertainment, a quick trip to a major city may be the perfect solution for cabin fever, commonly affiliated with the winter months. Someone looking for a good mix of food and adventure a trip to Traverse City may be the ideal location. Boasting spectacular winter scenery and plenty of great eats to match. With only three hour drive between

    Local Adventures

    We here at Michigan Creative take great pride in Lansing. For the people who don’t enjoy the hassle of packing up and traveling. You will be glad to know there are a plethora of activities to do around the Lansing area this winter. Whether your seeking something adventurous or a place to go and grab a good meal and drink, Lansing has you covered.

    If you’re looking for something fun and active check out some of Lansing activity centers. Ice Skating at the Summit, Basketball at AimHigh, Soccer at Soccer-zone, the possibilities are nearly endless. The best part is being able to stay nice and dry while getting rid of that annoying cabin fever.

    Looking for a more slow and mellow night? Head downtown, offering a nice selection of brew pubs and restaurants, theres a great chance you’ll find that new Friday night spot. Even check out Studio C! Okemos, and enjoy a night of drinks, dinner and that new movie you’ve wanting to see for so long.
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