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What Makes Brand Anthem Videos Great? 

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Every company and brand stands for something. It’s their reason for being, their passion, and their mission. People search for brand personalities they can see themselves in because their purchases carry the weight of their support. Potential customers want to know that you care about the same things they do. Think of the interaction between customers and companies as a growing community. The company needs to deliver an introduction that unifies its brand with the target audience if they want to build a lasting connection. The method of delivery is highly pivotal, especially in the digital world. Brand Anthem videos are the most effective way to portray your brand within a minimized time frame (considering the average attention span), prove your necessity as a company, and attract potential customers to join your mission. 

What makes them so great? 

Customers Want to Know Your Values.

If customers can’t define your mission, goals, or purpose, you remain unknown to them. If your mission is obscure, you risk losing potential customers to competition with an easier-defined, more accessible identity. Usually, customers need something they can feel a part of or understand before they join in. They want to relate and connect to the people and values behind the brand. A brand anthem video shows the heart of who you are as a company. Wear it on your sleeve as a badge of authenticity.

Attract the People Who Get You.

While delivering your message in a concise and exciting manner, the subtle secondary message underneath it all is one of community. Your audience receives the messaging and understands that if it can agree or relate to your brand personality, and the powerful impact your business has on the issue it’s trying to solve (or additional issues it’s concerned with), it’s encouraged to align with your mission and your products or services. In this way, your brand anthem video is an invitation to like-minded identities to align themselves with your journey.

Brand Anthems Don’t Have to Be Expensive.

Simply put, brand anthems can save you money. Once the content is created, it can be used across the web. Need content for your website that boosts the user experience? You won’t get it from paragraphs of text. Need to jump into Tiktok or Youtube Shorts but can’t spend hours creating new content? Create shorter videos from one that you already have. In this way, you can harness the benefits of one single expense. 

In addition to utility, brand anthems don’t need to be high-budget productions. Your messaging is more about the impact, not the glamorous but often misused Dutch angle shot. While you shouldn’t try to cut corners, you can create a video that is inexpensive but still effectively gets your point across. It was discovered that videos on Tiktok actually perform better when they look like they were done by your average smartphone user rather than a high-production studio. Here it is again, the relatability of it all. This doesn’t mean good-looking video doesn’t do well, but there’s some wiggle room in the way you convey your brand. 

Any company would benefit from a high-quality brand anthem video within its advertising strategy. Michigan Creative specializes in telling your story exactly the way you want while delivering messaging that aligns with your brand and attracts your target audience.

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