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What Is It Like To Work At Michigan Creative?

Michigan Creative
Michigan Creative

Michigan Creative provides expert services to help Michigan’s economy prosper; we work with clients to transform their marketing efforts into Marketing Machines, something that works for them 24/7. When an organization says it’s purpose is to add value to its community, the work culture shouldn’t be the average office shift, which it definitely is not here at Michigan Creative.

I’ve been an intern since May of this year, and I would say Michigan Creative proves this notion right. As a graduating senior at Michigan State University, meaningful experience outside the classroom is paramount to success as an alumni in the professional world. Michigan Creative adds value to Michigan because the spirit of the company translates into its practices. Here’s how and why:

Valued Employees

I first met Michigan Creative’s CEO, Brian Town, when he came to speak at a project management class in the College of Communication Arts & Sciences. One of the things he said really struck me; he referenced the business manifesto in which employees are not only an asset to the business but the business is an asset to them.

I’ve never walked into the office and felt like I’m not adding value somewhere, and that’s the kind of place Michigan Creative is: everyone has a voice and everyone wants to set each other up for success.


In my internship interview with Brian and COO Melissa Meschke, one question that I was asked, to paraphrase, was how did I envision myself succeeding at Michigan Creative, and how could the business help me achieve my goals?

Foresight is key to enterprise, including the enterprise of building your own brand. The bare minimum may get you by, but turning opportunities into meaningful experiences means you have to know where you’re going. Michigan Creative aims not just to support its people, but to improve them.

Trust In Self-Discipline

You can want to improve and you can see a vision, but it takes self-discipline to do it. I’m a student first, so I organize my intern schedule around my classes. While it seems like a simple thing, that also means I need to be consistent in time management to not stretch myself thin. Michigan Creative creates a space where employees are trusted to follow through, and this is not only expected but returned out of the confidence Michigan Creative sparks.

Accountability In Transparency

Michigan Creative is a transparent place to work, and it’s because we all take great pride in the work we do. Communication is always clear, concise and readily available. No one is hard to reach and it’s always a joy to see things fall into place because of clear expectations, reasoning, and planning, such as the organization of our blogs so that deadlines are clear and content is consistent. 

Exiting A Comfort Zone

Success rests outside your comfort zone and Michigan Creative provides a support system that also challenges its employees to reach new heights. I used to only write for the blog, but now I assist in other ways such as with our new Business Machine podcast. I’ve gained skills and knowledge in the realm of audio production because Michigan Creative challenges me to do better and always keep learning. You don’t only improve your skills at Michigan Creative, you add to them.

Results Are The Product of Fun, Not Stress

All in all, working at Michigan Creative means producing results and having fun at the same time. You feel valued and it shows in your work ethic, relationships, and growth.

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– Kris Johnson