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What can design do for you?


Graphic design is a form of visual communication and it is everywhere. Literally. While you might see billboards, or other business and street signage as “visual pollution,” all of these were carefully designed to effect change in the viewer’s perception of a product or service. Although these might not reach a large segment of viewers, they do make a difference for some. There are, however, some design platforms that are more targeted, and therefore, more effective.

There are numerous examples of design precisely aimed at certain people to enhance their experience of a product. We need look no further than the envelope and packaging design that authenticated the last Amazon purchase you made, or the letterhead or business cards you saw in your last correspondence you had with another professional business. Design does more than make a company look good.  A good branding and marketing design gives a business an image for people to remember. Eventually consumers recognize it as a way to authenticate your product. This is true for all “name brand” companies including Nike, Apple, Betty Crocker and Kellogg.

While a good branding design might not get you national recognition, it will get the job done locally. But how do you determine what good design is? Keep it simple. Flat, or minimal, design is trendy. In a fast moving, technological society people want information in the quickest way possible. A simple, straightforward logo is a good way to communicate what your business is about in one image. This can be done using image and type together, or each separately. And finding an appropriate way to do this will make your branding successful. For example, Apple’s branding is modern, clean, and sophisticated, which parallels the way that most people would describe their products. Now, imagine Apple’s branding with bad color gradients and a slab serif typeface with a chalk-effect. Not the kind of imagery that most consumers would take seriously.

Your business might not be as big as Apple, but having smart design and keeping your branding consistent will improve your company’s reputation.



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