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What Are The Best Times To Post On Social Media?

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When marketing and sharing your own content, it’s important to know the best times to post on social media.

The optimal posting times for each social media network differ greatly depending on the platform, as well as the purpose of the network. For instance, you wouldn’t post content on Instagram and LinkedIn at the same times, or even the same type of content at different times.

Why, you ask? Here’s a general overview of when you should post on each social media outlet, and why those times are best:

Facebook – The best time for posting on Facebook is between 1-4PM late into the week and on weekends, specifically Saturday & Sunday from 12-1PM and Thursday & Friday from 1-4PM.
When content on Thursday & Friday is posted, content posted around 1 PM usually receives the most shares, while content shared at 3 PM usually receives the most clicks. This is important to know when tailoring your marketing strategy!
The overall peak time for posting on Facebook is actually Wednesday at 3 PM, so consider that in your plan of action as well.

Twitter – Twitter is extremely audience-dependent and is often used during down times, such as commutes and so on. The best times to post to Twitter depend on your type of business; B2B can generally post content on any weekday, while B2C should post on Wednesday and the weekend.
The optimal times to post for the best CTR (click-through-rate) are 12 PM and 6 PM, and the peak posting time for retweets is 5 PM.

LinkedIn – Professionals are more likely to use this network and, as such, they tend to use it during traditional work hours. The best times to post are considered midweek from 5-6PM, paying special attention to Tuesday from 10-11 AM, and Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday from 7:30-8:30 AM, 12 PM & 5-6PM.

Google+ – These users are most active during the early mornings, so the best times for your content are be the beginning of the workday morning from 9-11 AM and, more specifically, Wednesday at 9 AM.

Pinterest – When posting content to Pinterest, it seems that users are more active during the late evening hours, Saturdays  from 8-11 PM being your best bet. Other great times to post are any day from 2-4 AM, as well as 2-4 PM, and Fridays at 3 PM when targeting fashion and retail.

Instagram – This platform is meant mainly for mobile consumption, which allows the network to be used anywhere at any time. As a result, posting throughout the week is best with spikes on Monday and slight dips on Sunday. The best times to post are Monday and Thursday at any time (excluding 3-4 PM), if you’re posting images, but 9 PM-8 AM if you choose to post videos.

With these times in mind, let Michigan Creative help you reach larger audiences and figure out the best ways to advertise your business!

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– Marissa Katz