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Video Lighting: How To Get It Right


During this worldwide pandemic, most of us are relying on technology to get our work done. We’re getting fluent in conducting our lives online. Professionals want to maintain a high-quality presence despite their lack of in-person presence. Here we are, relying on video now more than ever. In this digital world of conference calls, meetings, and online events, but limited resources can make this a difficult thing to achieve. So, when it comes to things like video lighting and quality, here are some tips to get it right.

Understand Light

Example of lighting using two desktop lamps pointed toward the subject.

One of the most important parts of creating a higher quality image is good lighting. If you use light to your advantage, you can boost the webcam quality. Use window light, lamps, anything you have, and play with it. The best way to learn light is by experimenting. Research light temperature, ideal placements, and take notes. A few lamps or a window can change the game.

Choose your Background

Knowing lighting can help you when choosing your background. Choose a space with just a few interesting elements in the background. The goal is to have a background that is not too plain or distracting. Choose a place that has a bookshelf or display of interesting objects behind you. Create your ideal space, add lighting, change it up, and show others that you can still be professional in our world of online work.