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Video Brings Possibilities for Manufacturers

Michigan Creative
Possibilities for Manufacturers

It’s no secret that I love video and teaching, so I’ve decided to compile the two things I love most into one service. I’ve spent some time with some manufacturers this month. No, not just hanging out, I taught them how to shoot video. I figure, I spent the first half of my life teaching kids video, why not teach adults too. There’s an art to shooting video, believe it or not. And, there’s an art to teaching video.

I’ve discussed how important video is to manufacturers time and time again, but that’s only because I know how much value video actually brings to businesses. It’s such a powerful marketing tool from promoting your business to hiring and onboarding new talent. The possibilities are endless with video, especially for manufacturers.

I spend the day with the staff. Teach them the angles, lighting, different buttons, how to pan in and out, and the list goes on. I make sure they know what they are doing so they can shoot on their own without any problems. They learn the equipment, give them worksheets, and quiz them on the information learned. Then, I let them set up and physically learn the video equipment so they can get a feel for it. I ensure that the team is comfortable with both the equipment and shooting.

One of the great things about this model, it is cost-effective for those who shoot a lot of videos. Even better, our video team will still edit the footage and produce a final product that is pretty much guaranteed to impress. We know this service is not your typical video production service, but it is a great way to set the companies we work with up for success. Manufacturers have so much potential for some awesome video. It’s only natural that we show them how to capture that.

Teaching and video have always been a passion of mine. I think one of my favorite things about what I do is that I always get to teach others, and I am always learning in return. It’s also fun to go to different manufacturing plants. Not only do I help them, but I get to learn about their business too. If you’re interested in learning how to film your own video, or if you want our team to do it for you, give us a call.