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Using Wistia Analytics

Michigan Creative
Using Wistia Analytics

Plain and simple, Michigan Creative loves Wistia.

We’ve been hosting all of our videos on Wistia for over a year now and have no complaints! YouTube is great, and we still upload all of our finished projects there as well, but Wistia is just so much more. On the site, it is defined as “professional video hosting with analytics and video marketing tools”.

To quickly cover the basics, videos on Wistia are customizable, you can add call to actions and email collectors, and you can adjust sharing settings to allow collaboration on projects. In this post, however, I want to focus on those “analytics” Wistia so proudly advertises. Let’s cover each individually:

All in one click, you can see the average engagement, total number of plays, play rate and actions taken on any of your videos. We did several videos for Kerkstra Precast, so let’s go ahead and use their Hollowcore Manufacturing Process video as the example as we cover all the bases of Wistia Analytics. But before we dive into the stats, take a minute (well 1:30, to be exact) to watch the video on their site, here.

Okay, now the stats:
Hollowcore Manufacturing ProcessHollowcore Manufacturing Process

Everything is so well organized and easy to read and understand! This tools are very helpful to get an idea of how a video is performing and how to improve on how it’s being used.

Trends Graphs:
We can see in the expanded version of the stats that Wistia provides the opportunity to see how many plays your video is getting per day on it’s trends graph, in case you want a more detailed breakdown over time:
Hollowcore Manufacturing Process


Every time someone watches your video, Wistia generates a heatmap for that specific person and view. These heatmaps show you exactly how that viewer interacted with your video: the parts they watched, didn’t watch, re-watched, etc.
Hollowcore Manufacturing Process
Bonus: You can even have Wistia show you the heatmaps for the views that clicked the call to action at the end of a video!

Now that you know all about Wistia Analytics you can start putting these tools to good use! And, if you don’t have any videos to analyze yet, we can help! Give us a call or fill out the form below for more information on our video production services.

– Alli Myers