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    Top 10 2016 Olympic Ads

    Michigan Creative
    Top 10 2016 Olympic Ads

    As the world’s best athletes gather in Rio to represent their countries and display almost superhuman abilities, everyone else watches. Across the globe people gather around TVs, laptops, and smart phones in order to cheer their nation on to victory. But what is a broadcast without incessant commercials? One minute you’re witnessing the emotional reunion of a gold-winning athlete with his family after overcoming years of adversity, and the next someone is trying to convince you to buy low-fat cheeseballs. Luckily for us normal people, however, advertisers pulled out the big guns this year and gave us some pretty decent commercials. But which ones are the best? Here’s a list of my top ten favorite ads from the 2016 Rio Olympics.

    #10 Visa Checkout: “On Your Mark, Get Set, First

                   The adorable Olympic couple Ashton and Brianne Eaton feature their competitive spirits in this humorous ad.

    #9 Visa: “The Heart”

                  Follow the heart of an athlete on his journey to Rio in this unique ad. The constant heartbeat and intensity keeps viewers in suspense until the very end.

    #8 Mini USA: “Olympic Games”

                   In 30 seconds this car company is able to make a statement. The ad focuses on defying labels and uses Olympic athletes as living examples.

    #7 Samsung Official TVC: “The Anthem”

                                  A common theme of the Olympic Games is unity, and in this visually enchanting ad, Samsung hits the nail on the head. Listen and hear the national anthems of dozens of countries strung together and sung by people across the world.

    #6 Reese’s Commercial: “Lindsey Vonn Summer Olympics”

                   Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn stars in this humorous commercial where she attempts summer Olympic events (while failing at every one). Perfect for a comedy break between events.

    best olympic ads

    #5 P&G: “Thank You, Mom”

                    This ad is prefect for the emotional types as it follows the journey of athletes and the undying support of their mothers.

    #4 Gillette: “Perfect Isn’t Pretty”

                   Gillette follows the emotional, physical, and mental challenges of male athletes in this raw and personal video.

    #3 Farmer’s Insurance: “Merdogs”

                   This ad features dogs flooding their house and synchronized swimming. How can that not make top three?

    #2 Samsung Official TVC: “The Chant”

                   After watching this video, you’ll want to sprint outside and train for a marathon. The mood is set right of the bat, and the intensity allows viewers to really feel the emotions of Margret Hassan, the featured Olympian.

    #1 Under Armour: “Rule Yourself” featuring Michael Phelps and USA Gymnastics

                   The number one spot goes to Under Armour’s “Rule Yourself” campaign. While every ad for this campaign is unique, my favorite ones go out to swimmer Michael Phelps and team USA Gymnasts. Under Armour truly revealed the daily obstacles these athletes face in order to rise on the Olympic stadium. The emotions are practically tangible, and the visuals are so mesmerizing  they will be left swirling in your brain long after it ends.

    What are your favorite Olympic ads this summer? Share with us here at Michigan Creative!