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The Practice of Selling You, to You

The Practice of Selling You, to You

I’ve heard sales defined as the sharing of enthusiasm. To effectively sell ourselves on us, we may need to borrow some of that enthusiasm, from ourselves; but on a day when we were still excited about our dreams, goals, and future. Rekindling our belief in ourselves can be challenging at best; it will involve rehearsing purpose, keeping compassionate records, and measuring our daily growth.

For me, the best time to reflect would be at the beginning of a project, when things are usually new and exciting. If we can encapsulate this springtime energy, we can use it when we need it. Do you remember the original idea, purpose, and vision that started you on your chosen path? I am sure you like I have grown and tweaked some of your initial motivations, even so, this can still be a great space to meditate around. New excitement is a powerful propeller.

We buy what we give value.

Once we’ve relocated our enthusiasm, it becomes vitally important to maintain focus. Although it doesn’t always feel like it, where we choose to place our attention is a choice. Life will always offer us lots of distractions that we can interpret as a contradiction to our success story. In a journal, we can make a record of what we are doing well, that moves us forward, confirming our inevitable success can be helpful. Maintaining honesty and thoughtful reflection, but habitually celebrating every growth point for the product of you, and those things about you that keep you buying.

Next comes action; daily focused activity confirms the internal work we’ve done. What we believe shows up in what we do and how we spend our time and energy. Taking unprecedented action can be very intimidating, but this is how we get a real read of where we are and what our next growth opportunity could be.

Developing the ability to sell you to you is essential to personal wellbeing. Most of us want to walk according to our unique blueprint and purpose. We want to be good at what we do and to feel good doing it. We buy what we believe. And when we buy something, an idea, company, product or a self-belief, it is so much easier to sell it and to share our enthusiasm for it with the world.