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The Coolest New Music Video

Michigan Creative

I can’t say that I really listen to OK Go, but I can say that I absolutely love their new music video for “I Won’t Let You Down” – it’s awesome.

I thought it was cool that they were riding/dancing around on those little Honda scooters (The Honda UNI-CUB, to be exact) right from the beginning, but then you realize that the video isn’t just being filmed with any old camera… but a drone. How cool, right?!

Next we see the Japanese girls come in dancing but, wait… they have umbrellas? What are they going to do with those? Dance! They spin them around, open and close them, etc. as they dance, and it’s the coolest thing! Their movements are perfectly coordinated and the umbrellas look almost digital.

I think the coolest aspect of the whole video is towards the end, with all of the umbrellas and, even more impressive, the scrolling text created with the white umbrellas at the bottom of the screen! SO COOL. The sky view that the drone provides is pretty amazing, too.

Side note – Did anyone else notice at about 1:10 when two of the guy missed each others’ arms to spin around like the other two were doing?

This is a music video you won’t be forgetting any time soon!

~ Alli

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