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The Best Platform To Advertise Online

Best Platform To Advertise Online

With the countless platforms available for advertising online, it can be difficult to figure out which is the right platform for your advertising dollars. As an advertising agency, we often get asked, which is the best platform to advertise online? and which can bring in the best ROI?” These are all great questions. However, they can also be complex to answer for a number of reasons. Part of our process when working with a client at Michigan Creative is to learn who they are as a business before anything else. Once we understand that, then we can then step into your advertising journey.

Your Target Audience

Before advertising on any platform, you must understand your target audience. When you know who your audience is, you can target them more effectively and tailor your advertising content to that specific audience. The better businesses understand their audiences, the better they can target them with advertisements.

To better understand your ideal audience, you need to do your research and dive deep into the minds of your customers. Know your audience’s values, challenges, pain points, ages, genders, locations, job titles, and end goals. This research phase allows you to narrow down your direct target audience and reach your top customers. Knowing who and reaching the correct audience is a crucial piece to a successful advertising campaign.

Know Your Options 

When deciding it’s time to start advertising, it’s important to know the available platforms. For example, are you an e-commerce shop selling a physical product, or are you selling a service? Do you work with consumers or businesses? There are many variables when determining which platform fits best for your business goals. Knowing the options that are available to you to advertise online is key in seeing that ROI from your campaign.

Here’s a little information on each platform to help you get an idea of what each has to offer.

Facebook and Instagram: These platforms are more for interruption marketing. You’re scrolling through the newsfeed of the platform and something catches your eye. From here potential customers either continue to watch or keep scrolling.

Google: This platform is more intent-based. When someone needs or wants something a Google search is typically where most people go to look for an item or service.

LinkedIn: This is the ultimate B2B marketing platform. LinkedIn also offers a more professional-based approach to advertising. When businesses want to connect with each other this is typically where most will advertise.

As you can see, each platform has its nuances or subtle differences. Think about your audience and where they are spending their time. It may even be best to hit them from multiple platforms.

So Which Platform?

In sum, the best platform to advertise online is determined solely based on what you offer. If you offer a product, Facebook and Instagram may be your better option. If you sell a service or are B2B, LinkedIn and Google may bring you a better ROI. Whether you decide to use Facebook, Google, or both, it is important to understand who exactly your ideal audience is and where they are spending their time. Another thing that is important to stress is, always pair your campaign with a plan and strategy.

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