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The Best Marketing Automation Software Systems

Michigan Creative
The Best Marketing Automation Softwares

Here at Michigan Creative, we consider ourselves pretty handy when it comes to marketing automation. So, when it comes to marketing automation software, we figured it was best to detail some of the top software systems in order to help you decide which one is best for your own business!

It seemed best to detail the number one rated software when using company size as a filter as many beginning businesses start with a low number of employees.

1 Employee: You may want to consider Pardot, which had the highest average rating with a recommendation rate of 87%. Pardot is cloud-based and can be used in companies of varying sizes. Currently, Pardot marketing automation is being used by over 300 companies in 10 countries and serves clients in multiple industries.

2-10 Employees: Hatchbuck comes highly recommended at 92%. Hatchbuck’s Marketing Automation module features a library of 450 customizable email templates that make use of a user-friendly template builder. Hatchbuck offers many resources, such as one-on-one training, a variety of videos and blogs, and great customer service.

51-100 Employees: PlanPlus Online brings the Franklin Covey business planning methodology right to your computer. The system provides an all-in-one solution for sales automation, customer relationship management and support, email marketing, project management, website integration and more, all accessible from the Web.

11-1,000+ Employees: Act-On is designed to offer businesses a complete suite of applications, including email marketing, website visitor tracking, lead management, social media management, reporting and analytics, as well as integration with webinar and event planning. Act-On is currently serving over 3,000 businesses worldwide.

Judging from even the small sampling we’ve seen above, it seems as if the best software for your business all really depends on your business’ individual needs and how you plan to make use of marketing automation.

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– Marissa Katz


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