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    The Backwards Burglar is Back for 2021

    Michigan Creative Cover Photo

    Some people might say he is not very good at what he does, but the Backwards Burglar isn’t as he appears. He is a good guy who comes around once a year to help out a special family during the holidays. He may look like a burglar, but he is so much more than that. The Backwards Burglar is back for 2021, and he is more ready than ever to spread some holiday cheer.

    His goal is not to steal the holiday. He’s not the Grinch. Instead, he tries his best to fill homes with holiday cheer. This annual donation-based event collects monetary donations to provide one local family in need with food, gifts, and decorations to enjoy the holiday just as everyone else would. The holidays are all about giving back, and we are calling on our community for help!

    We are now accepting donations and sponsorships through the Backwards Burglar GoFundMe campaign. Any amount makes a huge difference! All donations and sponsorships will be used to purchase groceries, clothes, gifts, and other requests from the selected family. All donations will go towards one of the many requests Child and Family Charities receive from families each year, especially during the holiday season.

    The Backwards Burglar had an amazing turnout last year because of the help of the Lansing community, and we hope to make this year even more special for another family. Again, all donations go towards helping sponsor a local family for the holiday, so please help us spread the word and consider donating!

    To learn more about the Backwards Burglar or to donate, visit the GoFundMe page here!