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Social Media Rules


It will be going on my 5th month working with Michigan Creative and I cannot believe how fast time has flown by. Mostly because I am amazed at how knowledgeable I have gotten in the realm of social media within such a short time of learning. Here is a few rules I have created for myself while trying to market both Michigan Creative and other companies who have hired us…

1. The 5 Post Rule

  • Only after every 5 posts can you advertise something about your business or its products. Nobody wants to read about how great your company is every time they sign on their social media platforms. Create or re-post relevant content more than just advertising yourself. That way your more likely to bring more people to your page.

2. The Feedback Rule

  • Do not EVER let a comment or concern go unanswered. Always acknowledge a follower or fan who has taken the time to write on your page or give you feedback, whether it be positive or negative. Feedback should be given within 48 hours of the initial comment posted..

3. The Attractive Content Rule

  • This rule speaks for itself, do not post something you yourself would not to want to read! Just like any advertising major would know, create/post pictures that pulls peoples attention. This includes but is not limited to; children: especially babies, animals: cute cuddly ones preferably, or just hilarious shots of kittens with guns, or cute old couples, because everyone loves a happy ending.

4. The Relationships Rule

  • Just like any other relationship you have to work for it. Unless you are a popular corporate brand, people are not going to “like” your page or give you a “follow” because they love your brand. Most companies that need social media have to explain who they are and what they do. With that being said, do not be afraid to reach out to someone to strike up a conversation with them. Maybe it is about your company, maybe it is about the weather, or the upcoming game. People love attention, and the fact that you gave them time out of your day to just chat will go a long way and initially get you more than just followers, but a real fan base of caring customers/admirers.

5. The Debate Rule

  • There are some things that should just not be posted in most circumstances. Politics and religion are those things. Do not shove your believes down peoples throats, nobody likes to read that or be reminded of stuff that upsets them. You do not want to give off a bad impression or opinion that will lead to a bad reputation. Keep it to yourself and leave the politics to the politicians.

This makes up the majority of the things I have learned while on the job. I hope they help you become more savvy in your social media skills and aid to promote the positive personality of your company rather than the negative. I am happy to apply these rules to my writing as well when I blog. Within the near future I will be writing more for Michigan Creative Marketing and turning over the social media crown to my fellow co-worker Adam so I can concentrate more on my writing skills for the company. You may be seeing me a lot more, contain your excitement please.

If you have any rules you would like to add that has helped you survive social media marketing please share in a comment below!

Until next time!

Brandon Manson