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    Small Business And The Holidays

    Michigan Creative
    Small Business And The Holidays

    We all know that small business plays an important role in any community, and that is especially apparent here in Lansing. Michigan Creative is one of the many, many “startups” in the area, and we love being part of the startup culture! Entrepreneurs are so full of passion for their work, their community and their employees, and that’s something you don’t see in (too many) other work environments.

    One of the strangest parts about working for a small company is the office around the holidays… No one is here! I pulled into the parking lot this morning at 9 am and I was the only car here, and now Brian and I are still the only ones in the office. We’ve got a lot of student interns, all on winter break from MSU, other employees taking time off for the holidays, etc., and it’s just so unusual for this building to be so quiet.

    We have been so busy lately (which is a good thing!) and I’ve been up to my eyeballs in video work (also a good thing!) that it’s pretty nice to have a little bit of a slow down and some time to catch up on everything! I know Brian and Melissa are still busy as can be, but at least for me in the video department, the holidays are one of my favorite times of the year to spend a lot of time strictly dedicated to catching up on all of our video work (and to write an extra blog or two!).

    Happy Holidays from everyone here at Michigan Creative!

    – Alli Myers