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Sharing Your Vision, Telling Your Story

Your Story

Effective communication and messaging have never been more essential. But, have you thought about how to tell your story? Is your delivery correct? Did you pick only the newsworthy information to share? The truth is that public relations is more than crafting a good press release or telling a fancy story. When done well, PR shares your vision, tells a story, and backs that up with a custom-tailored strategy. Yes, like most things in the marketing industry, PR does require a strategic approach. It is critical to have a solid PR strategy to help you deliver the right message and create brand awareness that can be local, statewide, or national. It’s all a part of sharing your vision and telling your story!

The Story

Time and money are resources that can be in short supply. To achieve your mission, goals, and objectives, ensure your team is on the same page and ready to amplify each other’s efforts. The first step of building a PR strategy that helps tell your story is to make sure you are aligning all of your efforts with your marketing, sales, and business development teams. As you build out your messaging and story, be mindful of key information, your target audience, and what content type you will use. Content can range from a formal press release, a media alert, a pitch to a specific publication, or a social media post.

The Delivery

As you develop your PR plan and strategy, remember to build relationships with media outlets and concentrate on how you will deliver your wonderfully written content to them. When sending out story ideas to media and other outlets, make your pitch as customized and enticing as possible. By tailoring each email communication to the reporter, you can help make your news stand out. Remember, every prominent media outlet gets hundreds of emails with press releases, media alerts, and more every day. Do what you can to help make your email stand out.

Brand Awareness

Once you’ve gained solid relationships with the media, drafted your vision into a captivating story, and packaged the story with an enticing and engaging pitch, your content is ready to be sent. The ultimate result for any press release, media alert, etc., is to get the information covered by the media. Be patient. As mentioned before, most media outlets receive a lot of ideas every day, making the follow-up just as important as the initial send-out. If you’re sharing your vision and telling your story in the correct way, chances are your story will get picked up and turned into a news story, but a follow-up never hurts. With news coverage comes an increased brand presence, recognition, and familiarity.

The above is a simple way to share your vision and tell your story, all while delivering your message correctly and increasing your brand awareness. To some, it may sound simple. To others, it may be a bit frustrating, but no worries. The MC PR team knows how to take that deep dive and learn about your business to craft unique and engaging stories that appeal to the media and resonate with your target audience. Our specialists will design and implement a specified plan to provide exposure while leveraging existing opportunities, assets, and relationships to maximize visibility and results.

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