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Responsive Web Design:Tips

Michigan Creative
Responsive Web Design:Tips

Hello friends! I am back to discuss mobile web design tricks to know before starting your website! I cannot stress the importance of designing your website! It will be the first thing customer’s notice and we all know, a first impression is a lasting one! I’ve been researching as of late and have come up with a few important tips, which I recommend following early on; in the process of creating web design.


First things first, mobile web design! We live in the digital age, where mobile is constantly at our access. Mobile is considered more important, in the planning of your website, than desktop. This is crucial and even recommended before designing your desktop! This makes total sense too, how many times have we ventured onto a mobile website and it’s not easy to navigate, nor pleasurable to look at? Another thing to know is there are strict limitations on what you can and can’t do. Mobile will almost always be simplified, so you must choose what you want on the site, wisely!

Think of your thumbs! I know groundbreaking, but most of us use our phones with our thumb(s). Therefore the navigation techniques used in designing a mobile friendly website should be kept in mind! It’s super important to remember your content and that is a huge purpose to creating a mobile website. If the content is too small to view, traffic won’t necessarily be flocking your way.

Another crucial tactic and one I personally find to be one of the most valuable, is the design. Taking this a step further is simplistic design, no one wants to view a website thats all over the place. Confusing mobile websites are not only unattractive, but also hard to navigate easily. Often times I know I lose patience, if a mobile website is too difficult to navigate, whether its appearance or the way the information is displayed.

The last few tips I am going to share are coming in bullet form, but will be straightforward

Other Important factors that can help your mobile website go a long way:

  • Keep content short and to the point
  • Make it easy to find your contact information as well as phone number
  • Consider Video, but use it wisely you only have a few moments to capture the attention of your audience. Michigan Creative would agree with this last tip ALOT! It’s more likely that people are willing to watch a 2 minute video on their mobile device, over pulling out the computer. I can definitely attest to this fact myself!

I hope this helps anyone who is starting their mobile websites gain further insight before they venture onwards!

Until next time!