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Really, Seriously, When is the Best Time to Post on Facebook?


This question is so very elusive that even Facebook itself refuses to answer it.  Google has 3,690,000 results.  Bing has 964,000,000 results.  So to make things a bit easier for you, I looked at ten of the first search results on Google and Bing when I typed in “What is the Best Time to Post on Facebook”.

I made a chart of what each person or company said and finally came up with…you got it, lots of different answers!  I focused on: best day to post, worst day to post, best time to post, and best overall best day and time to post.  I found many inconsistencies along with some similarities.

The biggest similarity in these articles and posts was that the highest traffic time on Facebook is Wednesdays at 3 pm ET.  4/10 links listed this as the single highest traffic hour on Facebook.  The whole point of posting on Facebook is so that your fans and customers actually see your content, so use this information to your advantage!

I found pretty high consistency that between posting in the hours of 1:00pm-4:00pm, the 3:00 hour, and between 8:00pm-7:00am.  Generally it was said that these hours yield high visibility and reach.  8:00am was a close runner-up.  Honestly, the best time to post was incredibly inconsistent between the articles and it was difficult to make a concise conclusion.

There was also a high level of inconsistency with the best and worst day to post.  I have listed them below as it was extremely confusing and didn’t really give me much of an answer.  I figure you can look at the source and pick which one you want to believe!

Daniel Decker

-Best Day: Wednesday

-Worst Day: Sunday


Marketing Spot

-Best Day: Sunday

-Worst Day: Thursday



-Best Day: N/A

-Worst Day: N/A


Black Box Social Media

-Best Day: Thursday and Friday

-Worst Day: N/A


Matt Southern

-Best Day: N/A

-Worst Day: N/A


Web Pro News

-Best Day: Saturday

-Worst Day: N/A



-Best Day: N/A

-Worst Day: Thursday


Huffington Post

-Best Day: Saturday and Sunday

-Worst Day: Wednesday

I Strategy Conference


-Best Day: Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday, Friday

-Worst Day: N/A


Media Bistro

-Best Day: N/A

-Worst Day: N/A


So, in conclusion…well, I do not really have much of one.  My advice is to look at your industry and your customer base to try to decide which days are best and worst to post.  For example, if you are a bar, you probably want to post the most Fridays and Saturdays.  Use your best judgement and experiment!

The same goes with the best time to post.  You can measure traffic all you want, but your type of traffic might happen to browse your page or see your post at odd hours or only on certain days.  Gauge your audience and evaluate your target market to get the most out of your Facebook page.  And there is no harm in experimenting!  Keep track of when you are putting up your posts and do an evaluation about a week later; how many people saw your post, liked it, commented on it, and shared it.  Keep in mind that that is not a foolproof way to evaluating your site as content has a huge effect on engagement.

I hope I saved you time and also provided you with some answers by evaluating several blogs, posts, and articles about the topic.  Unfortunately there is no true right or wrong and the social media market is constantly changing, so it really is hard to answer this question completely.

What has and has not worked for your business?  What times and days work best for you?  Please share below!

‘Till next time ~Melissa

“There is no black magic to successfully attracting customers via the web” ~Rand Fishkin, SEOMOZ

Here are the links to the blogs and websites I used for research, feel free to explore: