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Are You an Overworked Dreamer?

Overworked dreamer, marketing automation, sharpspring

overworked dreamer, marketing automation, client managementFar too often in today’s marketplace are we expected to deliver on a consistent basis for our clients.  Regardless of the circumstance, our clients ask for the best and assume nothing else.  However, if they are paying you for your expertise, shouldn’t you deliver nothing but your best?

How SharpSpring can Help

Relieve your overworked and high pressured workday with SharpSpring.  With SharpSpring’s built in CRM system you can segment often unorganized and cluttered lists.  Segmenting helps you simplify multiple processes with a drag-and-drop sales funnel and list automation software which keeps you on top of your most important leads.  Also with SharpSpring, replace often archaic methods of lead scoring and client upkeep with customizable marketing automation workflows, which allow you to place score given specific client behavior.

If nothing else, SharpSpring allows you to have answers for your clients on a consistent basis.  Have real and understandable data to show clients when they ask whether or not you are spending their money appropriately.  Nurture your leads with drip campaigns and email automation.  Set notices for Shopping Cart Abandonment to keep in touch with customers who may have concerns regarding a product or flat out forgot about it.

The best part is…SharpSpring is crazy affordable.  Don’t spend precious dollars on other marketing automation software when you can save time and money on SharpSpring.  Invest saved ad dollars in other options like PPC while providing the numerous benefits gained with by using SharpSpring.

Interested in Becoming an Underworked Dreamer?

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