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Not All Videos are Created (or Produced) Equally

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Between freelancing and a full-time video job, I get to experience all different kinds of video production. I’ve had the chance to work video for weddings, marketing, vlogs for social media, and do so many other types. When, I tell people I’ve done wedding and marketing videos, the reaction is usually something like, “that makes sense, all video is kind of the same, right?” NO! Every niche of video is a different experience from pre-production and shooting, to editing.

Video for Marketing

While creating a video plan for marketing, we plan every shot to a “T.” We meticulously plan out exactly what shots we want and the order they need to appear in. During the shoot, we get five different shots of one thing so we have some variety for editing.

Video for Weddings

When shooting video for weddings, the stakes are higher because there is no second chance at getting the shot. You can take shots of the dress, the rings, and the cake from every angle, but wedding videography is about capturing a moment. If your camera isn’t focused on the groom when he first sees the bride as she appears at the end of the aisle, you can’t ask them to stop and do it again. At weddings, there are some moments where if you don’t get the shot on the first attempt, there is no getting that moment back.

Video Blogging

For social media vlogs, it’s more of a relaxed environment. The vlogger sits and talks to the camera with a particular subject in mind. Sometimes there’s a script, and sometimes there isn’t. Vlogs without a script are even more relaxed. The person in front of the camera doesn’t have to worry about memorizing lines or nailing one take. Producing a vlog is much more casual. You can edit them more easily since jump cuts are more expected and acceptable than in other branding video material.

Simply put, not all video is created equally. Each kind of video necessitates a different approach to planning, shooting, and editing. I’ve been lucky enough at MC to experience all different kinds of video production. 

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Not All Videos are Created (or Produced) Equally