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Myths of Graphic Design

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Myths Of Graphic Design

Graphic designers are often faced with many false ideas surrounding the profession. Most people seem to have some sort of preconceived false outlook on what the job actually is and the responsibilities that it carries. In this post I will be talking about a few of these many different myths of graphic design.

One of the most common myths that gets thrown around a lot is that the customer is always right. When it comes to doing a project for a client, (most of the time) the client will think that they are always right and whatever they say or want done with the project is correct. Well, it is understandable that any client would want the job done in the way they want it done, but what is the point of hiring a designer if you aren’t going to let them utilize their creativeness? While the project’s main ideas should be given by the client, the designer should have some free reign over certain design elements and choices. They may be able to think a little more outside the box from a design standpoint and bring something to the table that the client may never have thought of.

This is not meant to sound like designers should have total reign over a project, because that definitely is not the case. Other people bringing ideas to the table can, and usually do, spark inspiration for a designer and this should always be the case. Collaboration is a great way to expand on ideas and make them into something that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise!

Another myth that floats around a lot is that graphic design is easy. Many people believe that graphic design is simply just knowing how to use Photoshop, but it is so much more than that. Photoshop is only a tool which graphic designers utilize in order to get their ideas out; the real power of a graphic designer comes from their brain. Designers must be creative before even touching a program such as Photoshop, because how are you going to create something with it if you don’t have a vision?!

Many clients ask for changes to a project and expect them done quickly, but fixing a design is not always a fast process. Sometimes design changes can be difficult, especially if they are requested after the project is completed. Even something as “simple” as changing the color of certain elements on a design, even though it does not sound intimidating, can be a difficult and time-consuming task. This ties into the myth above; a lot of clients do not recognize this because they have the general idea that graphic design is easy and all the changes they need to a design can be made in an instant.

Being a designer encompasses so much more than using Photoshop or just drawing sketches; it requires a wide understanding of design principles and creative skills and is a very important part of any marketing team!

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– Brandon Girard